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Education has always been one of the main indicators of an educated person who, after graduating from a higher education institution, could use the acquired knowledge for the entire period, as well as find a decent job in the specialty. People from ancient times instilled the value of education, which was originally passed from mouth to mouth, then formed a small flow, then the school, and after all grew into large Institutions and Universities, where every person who craves knowledge had the opportunity to get them in full.
Of course, now the education system has not changed much, as the principle of knowledge supply remains the same. But here’s the problem he has become much much more.

About the project
The project which will be discussed today is called – Learn Online Education (LOL). This project intends to make a qualitative revolution in the entire system of higher education, through the introduction of new decentralized technologies, as well as changing the overall concept of the supply of theoretical and practical knowledge.

If we talk about LOL in a simpler language, we can safely say that LOL is a unique blockchain platform within which everyone can get a high-quality and modern education. Moreover, he will learn the most advanced and popular direction of the 21st century, studying such areas of development as: machine structure, artificial intelligence and many other technological aspects of modern realities.

Of course someone will agree with me, and someone may not, but the fact that our education system is lagging behind modern technology for 50 years-that’s for sure! I don’t know about you, but in my Road University we studied the design of cars of the last century. When as on the street long drive modern cars of the highest class. Tell me, how can I apply my knowledge in practice in the future, if looking under the hood of a brand new car do not understand anything there? It turns out all those many lectures and hours of listening theories are” empty space”?!

Talking on this topic with my friends, we came to the conclusion that really modern higher education lives in the last century and is ineffective. Yes that there to hide, it’s not even promises further employment in this field. As long as we get our “education” the world is changing so rapidly that by the end of their University chosen profession can be already no one needs. And the saddest thing of all is that there are many such examples now.

But fortunately, technology does not stand still and the bright minds of mankind are always in search of quality solutions to current problems. This direction is no exception, so I will be glad to tell you today about the new project.

Advantages and Features
It is very important to note the fact that LOL has the highest degree of education worthy of world class, as well as corresponds to European International universities. Moreover, this project uses all the necessary certification and abstraction for its educational and digital materials, which are securely stored in a decentralized network of blockchain. Everyone will get a chance to get a high-quality education from leading experts from all over the world, whose experience is more than one decade. At the same time in the online mode to pass various kinds of tests, both to improve their University skills and to improve their degree.
As for the working moments on the part of the platform, they have already prepared detailed algorithms for testing their candidates, including various interpretations of the personality with all the ensuing biometric fingerprints required for full registration in the system. Of course, these are not the only advantages of the LOL system. It is enough to note the fact that access to the resource for candidates will not be limited. This means that anyone will be able to start their high-tech modern education wherever he was and whatever nationality he belonged.


Moreover, in addition to practical knowledge and skills, LOL will provide an opportunity for its candidates to receive their first earnings performing certain projects. Thus, you’ll not only absorb the dry theory, but also to support it in practice getting a real income. Sounds perfect to me.

Complement all this diversity will be developed application, access to which will be provided from any type of device, from a smartphone to a tablet, laptop or computer. As part of the application, students will be able to communicate in real-time group chats, discuss assignments, as well as read alerts about new courses, certification increases and other educational moments.

To ensure the movement of all functions and operations within the system will be its internal token – Learn Online Coin (LOL). With the help of which it will be possible not only to pay for their training, but also to gain access to some individual groups of knowledge. The token itself is developed on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain. To Finance their project, the founders chose the STO model to promote the project, during which most of the coins will be distributed. The initial price for 1 LOL will be $0.07 US. More detailed information about the distribution of tokens can be found in the White paper of the project.




At the end of my review I want to say that such projects as this, are very popular all over the world. Every year millions of students are thinking about what to do and where to go in order to have not only a decent education in the future, but also a prestigious, popular job. Therefore, I believe that everyone who is worried about their future or the future of their children should at least become more familiar with the concept of LOLCOIN. Moreover, they currently have a sufficient number of existing organizations, which for many years managed to prove themselves qualitatively.

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Written By: Luckyman007

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